Former NFL QB Johnny Manziel Hints At Next Career Path

Johnny Manziel was drafted 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns in 2014 as the team hoped he would become their future leader.

Manziel was a standout QB at Texas A&M, winning the Heisman trophy in 2012, but many still weren’t sure how he would translate to the NFL. The skeptics were right. As Manziel lasted just just two seasons in Cleveland playing in 14 games.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Manziel stated that he is interested in a return to his Alma Matter Texas A&M in some capacity.

Manziel started off by saying that he knows that he is not an NFL caliber QB anymore, but he does have flashes and is excited to continue his career in the Fan Controlled Football League. He went on to say that he is very interested in staying apart of football adding that, “I’m really interested in as well is going back to Texas A&M and being a part of my school, or the program or whatever it is.”

Manziel said that “It’s about the game and being around the guys, and having football provide some level of happiness in my life.”

In the interview, Manziel said that he missed his school and that he had a lot of options to think about. From the sounds of it Manziel is still in love with his old school and just wants to see his team win a National Championship.

Manziel said that he would be down to be part of recruiting or whatever it is to help his school succeed.

No doubt he would be a nice name to add to the school even if it is just in terms of recruiting. Manizel has definitely matured since his time in the NFL and even then trying a comeback in the CFL with the Montreal Allouettes.

Manziel opened up on his couple episode podcast “Ball Don’t Lie” with rapper/singer mike., about his troubled past and what kind of head space he was in then compared to now.

The 29-year-old is hoping to be involved in football over the next couple years and to see if he can help Texas A&M win a title.

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