Odell Beckham Jr. Is Still Making Ridiculous Catches During His Rehab

Odell Beckham’s rehab seems to be going just fine, and the Cleveland Browns wideout appears to be in good spirits. After suffering an ACL tear in late October, OBJ will set his sights on a return for the 2021 NFL season.

Odell underwent surgery on his knee, and showed off this nasty scar.

Apparently, Odell Beckham still has his famous hands, though. Check out OBJ making one handed catches, torn ACL and all.


Beckham tore his ACL in late October in a game against the Bengals. The star wide receiver will be missed, his 8-3 Cleveland Browns are looking to make a run in the NFL playoffs this year.

“I just wanna thank you all for checkin’ on me,” Odell Beckham wrote in an Instagram post at that time. “I really don’t have many words right now definitely not the right ones at least. I couldn’t tell u why this happened, this one doesn’t make much sense, it’s not for me to question, but I believe God truly has a plan and is using me for it. Ton of emotions flowing.. just takin some ME time, some time to heal. Thank u all for the Luv… be back soon,” he wrote.

It seems like Odell is already hard at work for his comeback.


Get well soon Odell Beckham Jr., the NFL is way more exciting when you’re out there.

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