Report: White Sox Manager Tony La Russa Had Two ‘Accidents’ in the Dugout Last Season

Tony LaRussa had a Senior Moment.

Tony La Russa, who managed the White Sox from 1979 to 1986, is a 77-year-old skipper who was out of the managing game for nearly a decade before he decided to get back in the game.  Since he’s been back,  it’s been a mixed bag for the legendary skipper. This season hasn’t gone exactly as planned. Things have been pretty awful for the Chicago White Sox so far in 2022.

After winning 93 games in 2021, the South Siders are in huge danger of not even making the playoffs again in 2022. Tony La Russa has been under fire this season for some questionable managing decisions. The lineups are always a disaster, the in-game management is definitely not great, and he doesn’t know how to work a bullpen anymore. There was even that incident earlier in the month where Tony was caught sleeping in the dugout.

To makes matters even messier, now we’re hearing about two incidents that happened in White Sox dugout last season.  According to our Iron Clad source, White Sox Skipper Tony LaRussa defecated in his pants on two separate occasions last season. The incidents happened while Tony was managing games in the dugout.

Via our Source close to the White Sox:

“Tony had a few Senior Moments last year, he sh*t himself in the dugout during a game twice last season. It was so bad the Clubhouse guy had to bring him new pants,” says our source. 

La Russa has been widely criticized for the Sox’s failures this season, and it does appear his best days are behind him.

La Russa is currently not expected to be fired, but his future will be hotly debated if the Sox continue to underachieve. If Tony can’t hold his bowels, what chance does he have holding his squad together?

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