NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang Reveals His Knicks Fandom Was Done After The Team Let Jeremy Lin Go

Former democratic presidential candidate turned NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang has not been shy about his criticism of the New York Knicks. He specifically has a problem with the way owner James Dolan has ran the team. Today, Yang revealed on social media that when the Knicks let Jeremy Lin walk it was the ‘last straw’ for him.

“When the Knicks dumped Jeremy Lin that was the last straw for me. This is the franchise that gave Jerome James $30 million. You let the most beloved Knicks figure in years who lit the Garden and City up walk over money? Come on,” Yang wrote on his Twitter.

Now, Andrew Yang has admitted that the new energy Tom Thibodeau has brought to the Knicks has him intrigued.

Andrew Yang spoke out on how he thinks the team has “turned the page” on his podcast, “Yang Speaks.’’ He has been especially impressed with Julius Randle’s rise.

“Knicks fans didn’t like Julius Randle last year,” Yang said via New York Post. “Now Knicks fans are looking at Julius Randle and thinking, ‘wow,’ he’s a monster putting up Westbrookian numbers, handling the ball, making really sweet plays and passes. It’s like, wow, Julius Randle can do that? I’ve see him make Magic Johnson passes, though I’m exaggerating a little bit.”

It seems like even James Dolan can’t stop Andrew Yang from being interested in his team. A lot of New Yorkers can probably relate to that.

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