Old Racist Tweets From Photographer That Fell in Front of Staffords Gets Exposed

Another set of old racist tweets exposed.

For those that were feeling bad for Photographer Kelly Smiley, they might feel differently about her now.

Smiley fell as she tried to photograph Matthew Stafford and his wife during the Rams Championship parade celebration. The optics were terrible for Rams’ quarterback Matthew Stafford, as he saw Kelley Smiley fall, made a face, and quickly turned his back on her.

The Staffords agreed to pay her medical bills:

Smiley wrote on Instagram she was “Feeling ok” and added, “Thank you everyone for reaching out.”

Now like in so many instances, the photographer is under fire, as social media dug up racist tweets from Smiley that prompted her to delete her Twitter account.

The Tweets are about 8 years old, and probably posted around the time she was a Freshman in college.

See the racist tweets below:

A GoFundMe page was set up on Smiley’s behalf with a goal of $30K. Not sure that’s going to get another cent after her Twitter history has been exposed:

Unfortunately for Smiley, there’s no statute of limitations on being a racist homophobe.

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