Ian Rapoport’s Wife Speaks on Her Husband’s Rival Adam Schefter

It’s not everyday you’re going to get a headline like this one.

But when one NFL reporter’s wife decides to chime in on another NFL insider, that’s what you call some juice.  NY Post ace reporter,  Ryan Glasspeigel,  did an in-depth profile on NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and his wife, Leah. It had the usual stuff about what life is like being married to one of the most high profile sports reporters in the biz.  There’s also the story of how they met, and the typical relationship stuff.

But what we found rather interesting was Leah Rapoport commenting on one of her husband’s rivals.

Via NY Post:

Leah is  aware of what goes down when a reporter is racing to get a news story out there.

“Whenever there’s a story, it’s never like, ‘What random San Francisco reporter may have broken a Niners story?’ That doesn’t matter. It wasn’t Schefter,” Leah said. “If Schefter got there first on the news someone signed, it’s like, ‘Did I get the numbers first?’ It’s always an intense me vs. him. There’s no way around it. I’ve never met him. I don’t know him at all. But I’m definitely Team Rapsheet.”

Rapoport made it very clear that he has no issues with Schefter and that they are actually very friendly.

“Ian said, “There’s nothing personal with me and Schefter. It’s really fine. There’s a good mutual respect. We’ll sometimes email each other. It’s not like the Woj v. Shams dunk-a-thon.”

Ultimately, they both concluded, what’s good for Schefter is good for them, too.

“Schefter just got a huge contract. Ultimately, that’s good for Ian. No hard feelings there,” Leah said.”

Sounds like there’s no beef, which is always nice to hear.

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