Ja Morant Reacts To Steve Ballmer’s Incredibly Weird Viral Video From Game Six

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is known to get weird while celebrating big buckets for his team. But on Wednesday night, he took it to another level.

During the second half, the camera panned to Ballmer after the Clippers made a shot, and he was aggressively grabbing the upper legs of the two men sitting next to him.


After the moment, many people on Twitter were wondering what exactly Steve Ballmer was doing here. Of those people included Memphis Grizzlies star point guard, Ja Morant.

Morant took to Twitter late Wednesday night to share his reaction to the creepy Ballmer video.

Steve Ballmer is known to get a little out of control, but he might want to take it easy on the whole grabbing thing.

Either that, or just don’t have people sitting in your general vicinity when you’re celebrating.

Ballmer and the Clippers will have to wait until next year to celebrate anything, though, as the team was eliminated by the Suns in Game Six.

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