ESPN Host Sorry For Airing Fake Ja Morant Quote About Michael Jordan

The internet can be a very tricky place.

A fake quote attributed to Ja Morant made its way onto ESPN’s This Just In show. Host David Jacoby and NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins read out the fake quote, which was wrongly attributed it to Bleacher Report, and discussed it on Monday’s show. In the fake quote, Morant said Jordan would be considered “just another superstar” if he were playing today.

Jacoby apologized on Twitter afterward to Morant and Taylor Rooks, who had done a recent interview with the Grizzlies standout.

See the video below:

You can see Jacoby’s apology:

Morant did an hour-long sitdown interview with Rooks, released on Monday, speaking on a long list of topics.

Ja also said PSG star midfielder Lionel Messi is best footballer in the world, but no one is quoting that…

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