Memphis Grizzlies Star Ja Morant Thinks Players Around The NBA Don’t Like Him Very Much

Say it ain’t so Ja.

Ja Morant is easily one of the most talented players in the entire NBA. If you have been following the Memphis Grizzlies then you already know he’s one of the best players the franchise has ever seen. Ja has turned the Grizzlies into a contender, and he’s also must watch TV based off what he can do on the court. Morant is known for talking plenty of crap on social media, and for some it rubs them the wrong way. The Grizzlies still have a lot of maturing to do before they can win it all, but they’re close. Morant recently sat down with “The Pivot” podcast where he spoke about some of the issues he has faced during his career.

Morant even called himself an underdog. The Grizzlies superstar said it’s ultimately because of his trash talk and how some guys just don’t like him.

“I feel like now, just because I’m me and I speak on whatever I want to and say whatever I’m feeling at the time, that some people don’t like me,” Morant explained.

Morant is a great player on his own merits that he doesn’t need to waste time on people that don’t like him.

He already is a phenomenal player but he does seem caught up in what people think of him.

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