Kendrick Perkins Thinks Ja Morant Should ‘Stop Acting Hood’

Kendrick Perkins is bringing the beef this NBA offseason.

When someone asked Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant why he was “thuggin” even though he is already rich, the Grizzlies superstar responded and emphasized that he has always been like that. Being rich didn’t change him, and he has no plans to.

Now once again Ja Morant is being called out for acting a certain type of way. ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins jumped on with RJ Jefferson, and Big Perk called out Ja for acting Hood. Richard Jefferson Tries to chime in and help Kendrick find perspective on the matter at hand.

Listen below:

From threatening someone with “Hollows”, to recently implying he is a thug and money won’t change that, Ja definitely needs to tone it down a bit.

But as long as he’s balling out, I’m pretty sure he can act anyway he wants.

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