Patrick Mahomes Says Drew Brees Is A Good Person But ‘Missed The Point’ With His Comments About NFL Protests

TMZ Sports – Patrick Mahomes says he knows Drew Brees ain’t a racist … telling reporters Wednesday the Saints QB will show the world he’s truly “a good person” in the wake of backlash over his anti-kneeling comments.

“Obviously, his statement missed the point and missed what was going on in the world today,” Mahomes said, “and took away attention from the movement that was going on and the peaceful protesting that was going on.”

“But I think you see with his actions afterward, and I believe with his actions moving forward, you will see the true person that he is.”

Patrick Mahomes has been one of the faces upfront for NFL players as they attempt to change the NFL’s old approach towards peaceful protests following the death of George Floyd. While Drew Brees initially toed the NFL’s previous company line about kneeling during the anthem, he quickly walked it back after his teammates, NFL peers and a lot of the Black sports world went after him.

And while a lot of people debated Drew Brees’ character after his initial comments (and over his seemingly immediate apology), it probably means a lot to have a guy like Patrick Mahomes up front and speaking honestly about it. Drew Brees wasn’t like the NASCAR guy in the news, Ray Ciccarelli, who vowed to quit the sport if they ban Confederate flags. Brees is a guy who’s been good to Mahomes in the past (as well as other Black quarterbacks like Jameis Winston) and it’s hard to argue what he’s done for the people of New Orleans and Louisiana.

Drew Brees may not need Patrick Mahomes to co-sign on him right now but, with a lot of skeptical eyes towards Brees who were dying to “cancel” him, it’s a good reminder to people that one mistake or misspeak (no matter how public) doesn’t make up a person’s entire character. Maybe if Brees walks the walk, Mahomes will loan him one of the seeming 1,000 pairs of shoes he has on his wall. Will Drew Brees wear the Jordan 3 Breds to signify the end of racism in the NFL? One can only hope.

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