Non-Covid News! Katie Ledecky Swam with Chocolate Milk on her Head

Katie Ledecky is about to stir the internet up with this video of her swimming with chocolate milk on her head. Mostly because it’s a story that doesn’t have to do with coronavirus. I’m sick of all COVID stories, but it’s not going away, so I guess I just have to get used to it.

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Is this fake? Is Katie Ledecky a witch? Is this really possible? All questions that first come to mind. I never watch swimming and I hate the Olympics, so this is really the first time I’m seeing her swim, and it’s with chocolate milk on her head. Do you know what would make me like the Olympics? More people swimming with drinks on their heads. How about 800 meters with a can of Bud Heavy on the ol’ cranium, and after the swim you have to chug the beer. Tell me America wouldn’t always win Gold in that. See, with one video of a swimmer and chocolate milk, I just fixed the Olympics. And they say people aren’t productive on Mondays.

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