LeBron James, Michael Thomas Rip Drew Brees for “Kneeling” Stance

Count LeBron James and Michael Thomas as two people who have spoken out publicly against Drew Brees’ stance on players kneeling for the National Anthem during games.

Brees and Thomas have been one of the top QB-WR combos running in the NFL for four straight seasons now, but that didn’t stop Thomas from criticizing Brees on Twitter. Brees made headlines Wednesday morning with his stance on players kneeling for the National Anthem a la Colin Kaepernick which can be heard below:


Unsurprisingly, there was plenty of backlash directed towards Brees’ belief that kneeling for the National Anthem equals “disrespecting the flag of the United States of America.” Here’s what Michael Thomas chimed in on Twitter in response:


Look, it’s expected that there will be plenty of differing opinions on all hot-button issues and topics among a football team of 60-plus players and coaches. However, seeing the Saints top wide receiver go at his quarterback like this on issues of policy/morals/social opinion/whatever you want to call it will raise some eyebrows.

After Thomas chimed in, LeBron James had something to say as well:

This will always be one of the most hot-button, sports-related (only sports-related in that the kneeling occurs during games) topics around and something that people feel extremely strongly about one way or the other. There is no “right” answer, only differing opinions. This is only heightened with the recent protests and rioting following the murder of George Floyd. If anything, this may be an indicator that athletes will be more willing to publicly call out other athletes whose beliefs are not in line with their own going forward, even if that players also happens to be your quarterback as is the case with Michael Thomas.

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