LeBron James Seemingly Disses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar by Leaving Him Off His All-Time Lakers Starting 5

LeBron James must be taking his shot at the Lakers legend.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a bevy of amazing players grace their locker room throughout the years, and some of the players are the most cherished and beloved in the entire history of the NBA. The Lakers probably have the greatest collection of players in the history of the league, and if you are a fan of the team you have most likely lived through some amazing eras of Lakers basketball. When you throw LeBron into the mix, assuming he would crack your top five, it’s not exactly an easy thing to do. There are too many good players to choose from, and if you leave someone off of the list of course people will be in their feelings about it.

According to reporter Peter Dewey, LeBron found this out the hard way as he recently gave his pick for the Lakers’ starting five. As you will see, he left Kareem off of this list.

“All-time starting five for the Lakers?” James said. “I’m going Magic [Johnson] at 1, Jerry West at the 2, Kobe [Bryant] at the 3, myself at the 4 and Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal) at the 5. I mean Shaq is so dominant, man. I mean, I love Kareem too. I can’t even front on that, but Shaq’s so dominant, we need a big cuz I’m playing the 4, so we need a big. A.D. already put himself in the Top 5? Well put A.D. in, take me out.”

Kareem has been pretty critical of LeBron over the years, but hard to argue with Shaq being the center.

Of course the exclusion of Kareem will definitely get back to him. Maybe this is LeBron’s way of payback for all the criticism?

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