Aaron Rodgers Will Reportedly Be Informing Packers of his Decision Soon

Aaron Rodgers’ offseason adventures continue.

Aaron has been keeping busy dropping cryptic messages, getting cleansed, and now he’s almost ready to make his big announcement.

This will hopefully put an end to all the drama, it’s about time he let the Packers know what his plans are for next season. According to ESPN’s Dianna Russini, the Green Bay Packers QB will be letting the Packers know of his decision soon.

Russini also added that there are multiple teams with offers on the table for the NFL MVP.

See the report below:

Just imagine if Rodgers take a spin on the QB carousel. If you think this coverage is overkill, just imagine what that would look like. We know the Broncos really want him, but if he wants to continue winning games at his current clip, he’ll probably want to stay in the NFC North.

Retiring doesn’t sound like an option for him at this point, but with Rodgers anything’s on the table.

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