Paige VanZant is Going Head First Into The Metaverse With 3D Virtual Experience

The former UFC fighter and now AEW wrestling star, Paige VanZant has always made herself marketable and, quite frankly, has been making money on her body and her looks.

VanZant has had multiple jobs over the past couple of years but her personal site where she posts very sexy pictures, seems to be her best. She is doubling down on herself and is jumping head first into the Metaverse world after announcing that she is creating her own NFT and 3D experience.

This 3D experience NFT of her will allow users who have VR sets the ability for an interactive Paige VanZant. Where someone can watch 3D videos, spin her around, and “see her in ways you have never seen before.”

I think everyone can pretty much read between the lines on what she hopes people think they are getting with this “3D experience”.

Good for her though. She clearly knows how to market herself and is riding the wave all the way to the bank. Not only that, in this line of work she doesn’t need to continuously get his in the face either.

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