Hawaiian Surfer Makua Rothman Pulls Off Incredible Record-Breaking Feat With Latest Ride

Makua Rothman is used to riding incredibly large waves, but he may have just mastered his biggest one yet.

Rothman, riding the Himalayan waves of Peahi, also known as Jaws, caught a wave that was estimated at over 100 feet. Check it out.


Sideaction’s Latest:

The wave is said to be the largest ever ridden in Hawaii.

Makua Rothman shared a funny anecdote about catching such a massive wave.

“Before I left for Maui, my daughter Hikianalia was like, ‘Daddy you better catch the bomb if you gonna go over there, or don’t come home,” Rothman said via Star Advertiser. “So I was thankful I caught the bomb.”

I think Makua Rothman can go home now. What a legend.

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