Matt Patricia’s Burner Account Revealed to be a Hoaxster

Former Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia was fired from the head coaching job with the Lions after losing another game on Thanksgiving. The Lions brass finally had enough. The GM was also fired. Shortly after he was canned, there was a twitter account that surfaced, and people were thinking it had to be Patricia.


Everyone was convinced it was him behind the burner account.

Now it’s been revealed it wasn’t his, but a prankster. Dylan Cardwell is the man behind the account.

Via Detroit Free Press:

“I honestly was not expecting to do as much as it did,” Cardwell said. “Honestly, like I thought there would be something like mainly just within the Lions fan base, there would be a little bit of chatter. … It really got a lot bigger than I had anticipated. It went from, in just a little over a day, it went from one follower to now we’re at like 2,500, I think. So definitely unexpected.”

The prankster is already thinking about his next victim:

“Who knows? Next year when there’s a whole new batch of head coaches on the hot seat, I might get a Round 2,” he said. “I did learn a few things. I definitely underestimated the investigative availability of people. I left too many bread crumbs that a lot of people doubted it right away.”

Like we said, it was either Patricia, someone close to him, or someone who wanted people to think it was him.

Now we know. The truth shall set us all free.

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