Matt LaFleur Responds to Aaron Rodgers Airing Packers Dirty Laundry

Matt LaFleur is now having to answer for Aaron Rodgers latest comments. 

The Green Bay Packers are currently in a free-fall. Not only has the team lost three consecutive games and sit at 3-4 after seven weeks, but the Green Bay Packers are also struggling big time on the offensive side. They have averaged the fewest points per game 18.3 in the Aaron Rodgers era, and fewer than 20 points for the first time since 2006. Aaron Rodgers made it perfectly clear on the Pat McAfee Show this week that players who make too many mistakes “shouldn’t be playing.”

Not the first time he’s called out his coach Matt LaFleur in public.

Harsh, but not wrong. And head coach Matt LaFleur basically agreed, albeit with a more gentle approach.

“We definitely addressed just accountability and how we’re all accountable to one another, and we need everybody, you know, doing everything the right way,” LaFleur said Wednesday. “… We have to be truthful with one another, and sometimes the truth hurts.”

Rodgers later clarified that what he said this week was about, like Matt LaFleur said, “accountability.” But he also didn’t completely shy away from the idea of benching underperforming players.

“There’s accountability for all of us,” he told reporters Thursday. “You’re making the plays, you’re in the right spot at the right time – you’re going to get opportunities. If you’re not, there’s consequences. I think we can all agree on that.

“I think people in this society have a hard time hearing the truth sometimes. I’m going to hold guys accountable. Matt’s going to hold guys accountable.” when speaking of his head coach Matt LaFleur.

Rodgers is doing whatever he can to light a fire under his team, but it might just backfire.

No one likes to be called out in a public forum, not Matt LeFleur, and certainly not Rodgers’ teammates.

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