Brady Quinn Slams Zach Wilson Over Preseason Performance, Injury

Count former quarterback Brady Quinn among the many analysts who are not impressed with Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

Earlier today, we revealed that Wilson currently has the highest odds of any QB in the NFL to finish the year with most interceptions.

Today, Brady Quinn went on a rant on why he’s completely unimpressed with Zach Wilson.

Per Fox Sports Radio:

“Despite the injury, Zach Wilson looked awful in that preseason game. Can we just acknowledge the media continually to try to make Zach Wilson something? The media wants this to work out so badly, and it’s kind of tough to listen to, quite honestly. I’ve never seen a QB get so much love from the media for doing less, than Wilson in a long time. Once he got selected in the draft, I had my concerns: he’s smaller so he’s subject to injury, he didn’t play against elite schools in college, and he’s starring down targets. All of these things have played out. I hope he recovers from this, but I don’t get the media love. They’d be good with Jimmy Garoppolo at QB, but they won’t make that move because they’ve invested so much in Zach Wilson.”

In the preseason game against the Eagles, Zach Wilson completed three of his five passes for just 23 yards and added an interception in the game.

He really didn’t play enough where it would be appropriate to give an assessment of his game, but that’s not going to stop Brady Quinn.

Regardless, Jets fans will most certainly hope they see Zach Wilson take that next step in his development whenever he returns from injury this season.

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