Zach Wilson’s Mom Having Fun With Wild Rumor: ‘Look at How Sexy My Friends Are’

Zach Wilson’s Mom is having too much fun with the rumors about her son.

The New York Jets Quarterback is caught up in some controversy after his ex-girlfriend accused him of sleeping with one of his mom’s best friends. While the New York Jets quarterback hasn’t openly addressed the claim, his mom, Lisa, took to social media to share a workout video of her with her friends.

Clearly having fun with the rumor:

Lisa captioned the video:

“Look at how sexy my friends are.”

In a recent Instagram story, Lisa seemed to have shared a PSA with people supposedly trying to intrude in her personal life. She wrote:

“My friends are freaking amazing. By the way, stop calling my friends. You’re annoying them. They’re like, ‘Lisa, these people are crazy.’ I’m like, ‘I know, I know I know.’ Yeah, stop calling my friends for real though.”

Lisa hasn’t directly talked about the rumor.  She has, however, made some veiled threats.

Wilson is currently dating social media influencer Nicolette Dellanno, who attended a New York Yankees game in June this year.

She’s been trending as of late.

Make sense.

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