Legendary TV Executive Blasts Tony Romo For ‘Losing His Passion’ For Broadcasting

Say it ain’t so Tony Romo.

Legendary Sports Telivison executive Dick Ebersol wants to Tony Romo to rediscover that passion that made him great. The legendary longtime former boss of NBC Sports joined Chris Wallace on HBO Max for the latest edition of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” where he basically called out  Romo for dialing it in. and thinks he does not seem “into” broadcasting at the present time.

“I’ve known Tony Romo, since he first got to the pros. He’s an unbelievably engaging guy, he should have been a terrific, great broadcaster,” Ebersol said. “Something’s happened since he got into that chair. And it doesn’t seem like he’s into it. Like he was on his way up. He does not seem to be the storyteller that he should be. The thing that makes [Al] Michaels great, [Joe] Buck great, and all these guys are they’re really, they’re really storytellers. And Tony has gotten further and further away from that I think.”

Tony Romo retired from the NFL in 2017 and has gone on to become an established football analyst with CBS. He immediately was a big hit with audiences for his ability to predict plays before they happened. Romo is currently making $17 million a year and Ebersol thinks Romo is failing to deliver in the broadcast booth.

He stated he appears to have “lost his passion” for calling games. He said he would “love” to be Romo’s producer for six months and could soon “cure” what he sees as Romo’s shortcomings as a broadcaster.

“This is somebody who should be an announcer for the ages … and I would have him in my office often – not to kick his a**, but just to keep reminding him of what put him there in the first place,” Ebersol continued.

Ebersol tried to clarify his remarks after the NY Post published the story.

“Tony Romo is like a son to me,” Ebersol said. “I am truly his biggest fan on and off the field. As a fan, and a producer, I have always been known to offer up unsolicited notes. But this time, after a long day of interviews, I went too far and frankly said things that I do not believe and are simply not true.

“No announcer is more passionate about the NFL than Tony Romo, and I personally cannot wait to hear his call this and every Sunday. He is as good as it gets.”

Romo got paid, and sometimes being that comfortable can work against you.

I believe he’s in it for the long haul, so he’ll have to find a way to keep interested, and rediscover that passion.

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