Jim Irsay Continues to Trash Carson Wentz Ahead of Season

Jim Irsay is not a fan of Carson Wentz.

The Indianapolis Colts are gearing up for their revenge tour after just missing out on the postseason last year. It was an epic fail which many in that organization attribute to Carson Wentz’s struggles. Wentz was under center during the devastating loss in a must-win Week 18 matchup to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Following that tough loss, plans were made to make a change at Quarterback. The Colts brought in a new QB, veteran Matt Ryan from Atlanta. Wentz is now currently the Commander of the Washington Commanders.

Colts owner Jim Irsay took to the podium this week to assess his team’s performance in training camp and in the process brought up Wentz, although he refused to say his name.


“We went through the season with some inconsistency at quarterback that led to massive problems,” Irsay said, seemingly calling out Wentz’s play under center.

Irsay went on to talk about his excitement for the 2022 campaign with Matt Ryan, a former NFL MVP, leading the charge.

“We’re set up for excellence, now we just have to do it. And Matt Ryan has that same feeling in his heart,” Irsay said.

Irsay’s jab at Wentz isn’t the first time he’s brought up his former quarterback this offseason.

Back in March, he noted to media that trading for Wentz in the first place was a mistake. He added “it was very obvious” at the end of last season that the team needed to move on from Wentz, and that the QB had led them into a “a long dark tunnel” from which they needed to escape.

Irsay needs to let the Wentz hatred go, time to move on man.

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