Tiger Woods Reacts to His Emotional Goodbye After Missing Cut at British Open

Tiger Woods’ anticipated return to his favorite course did not go as planned.

Tiger ended Friday with an overall score of 9 over, and he missed the cut, ending his tournament.  Tiger’s second round at the Open Championship finished with an emotional walk to the 18th tee; he shed tears as he received applause from the gallery and fellow golfers.

Here’s video of the emotional moment, possibly his last round at St. Andrews.

Tiger talked about his tourney after missing the cut.

“To me it felt like it might have been my last British Open at St. Andrews.”

He said he will continue to play Open Championships, but doesn’t know if he will physically be able to compete at his current level when the tournament returns to “the home of golf.”

Tiger also spoke about the emotions he felt as he walked up to the 18th tee

“I felt the guys stop there off the tee at 18. It was just incredible, the amount of understanding and respect from all the people that are involved with this event, that just come out and support the players, the nods I was getting as the players were going out.”

Tiger said he was “a little ticked” he did not compete well enough to make the cut.

“I certainly did not play good enough to be around,” Tiger said. “I wish I would have played better. I wish I would have a little bit better break on the first hole yesterday, maybe started off a little bit better. But that’s just kind of how it all went from there. It just really never kind of materialized.

“I fought hard. But unfortunately I could never turn it around. I struggled with the green speeds again today. I could never hit the putts hard enough, I was leaving them far to gain. Consequently I couldn’t make enough birdies.”

Tiger did not talk about his future, nor did he say when he would play his next event.

There are no more majors left to play in the 2021-22 PGA Tour.

Hopefully Tiger has more left in the tank.

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