Video: Jalen Rose Tried Playing Golf For First Time and Failed Miserably to Make Contact With the Ball

Jalen Rose is finding out the hard way that golf is incredibly hard.

On Saturday, the ESPN analyst participated in the Ally Challenge Celebrity Shootout in Grand Blanc, MI and got a raucous ovation from the hometown crowd when stepping up to the tee box.

Unfortunately, Jalen had no idea how to swing a golf club.

When trying to make contact with the tee shot, Rose swing and missed not just once, but over and over again.

Check out the hilarious attempt at golf below:

After watching the brutal attempt at golf, Jack Nicklaus (who was on hand at the event) tried his best to help out Jalen Rose.

“You see this thing here?” Nicklaus told Rose — pointing to the club head. “That’s what you hit the ball with. Air does not move it.”

Rose clearly wasn’t taking the whole situation too seriously, and would buckle over in laughter after Jack made his wisecracks.

Jalen Rose would then try one more time to hit the ball, and luckily, Nicklaus’ advice kind of worked. While Rose finally made some contact with the ball, it only went about 10 yards in front of him. Nonetheless, the crowd reacted with a cheer after seeing the former Michigan Wolverine actually hit the golf ball.

Later in the tournament, Jack Nicklaus won $2 beers for everyone in attendance at the event when hitting the green on a par-3.

Still, Nicklaus doesn’t want to be thrown em’ back during a round.

““I always felt drinking did not do well with nerves,” Golf Channel reported him as saying. “The guys today don’t do that. I never did that. Did I have a drink? Sure, here and there, but never while I was playing in tournaments. I always thought that was terrible for your nerves, and terrible for your touch, because I think the most important thing is to be totally there.”

While Jack Nicklaus might not want to drink on the course, perhaps Jalen Rose could use a beer or two before he tries his skills on the links next.

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