A-Rod Being Linked to NFL Reporter Melanie Collins After She’s Spotted on His Yacht

Alex Rodriguez has found a new girlfriend in Melanie Collins? A-Rod might have lost Jennifer Lopez, but there is still plenty to celebrate. The former Yankees star is enjoying his two-week European vacation aboard a yacht. A-Rod posted a photo aboard the yacht last week with the caption:

“Let the festivities begin 🛥 #EuroTrip.”


Then A-Rod was spotted enjoying himself with some bikini babes.

Now it appears A-Rod is settling down on his yacht, and the lady he appears to be settling down with is Melanie Collins. Melanie is an NFL sideline reporter for CBS.  Melanie was spotted enjoying A-Rod’s yacht with Eric Decker and his wife Jesse Decker over the weekend.

See the screenshots below:


If you check  out the name of the Yacht she’s on, the exact same Yacht as A-Rod.

Looks like a match.

Melanie Collins looks exactly like A-Rod’s type too.

We’ll keep an eye on this one, and remember where you heard it first.

Check out more of A-Rod’s possible new girlfriend below:

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