IG Golf Influencer Paige Spiranac Forced To Delete Comments On Latest Video After Fat-Shaming Comments

Paige Spiranac makes her living on the net, good or bad.

The Golfing influencer says she was forced to delete a ton of comments on her latest IG video after a bunch of men called her fat. Paige to her IG story to share what went down following her latest post.

 “Honestly the amount of men calling me ‘fat’ on this post is next level lol,” the 29-year-old pro-golfer-turned-influencer said to her 3.6 million followers on Wednesday night.

“I’ve had to delete so many comments which I almost never do.” Spiranac says it was all troubling for her … because she’s struggled to “maintain my ideal weight all the time for year after year.”

Paige said she works out and diets right, “but it doesn’t come naturally to me.” She then urged the trolls to tone it down moving forward.

You can watch the video she’s referencing below:


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“It can be defeating when people call out body insecurities,” she said.

Spiranac hopes to be able to share more about her diet and fitness routine to help others who “feel a similar body pressure.”

“We are all more alike than different,” she said in a post Thursday morning, “and I’m excited to share more of my fitness and health journey to hopefully help you as well! We are in this together.”

She also noted that Men too get body shamed:

Paige needs to block out all the noise and continue to do what she does best. I’m sure it’s difficult to tune out all the trolling, but this is her job, she has to realize it’s probably never going to stop.

Especially now that the trolls know they got to her..

Check out more of the IG golfing beauty below:

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