Kyler Murray Speaks On Wanting to Run More: ‘I Do What I’m Asked to Do’

The Arizona Cardinals are off to a tough start this season.

They are lucky to be 1-2, and their onlyl win came on a wild comeback against the Las Vegas Raiders. Many of the highlights in that comeback came from Kyler Murray making things happen with his legs. It seems like he’s the most effective when he’s on the move. Murray was asked this week about his lack of running this season. He said he’d like to run more but it’s not his call.

“It’s more so if I’m asked to do it then I do it,” Murray said, via “There’s certain situations as of late where it’s got to come off scrambles and stuff like that, whereas teams may not allow me to scramble as much. The people asking why I’m not running and stuff like that, it’s not by want-to or anything like that. I think just design right now. I’ve said I would love to implement that more but I just do what I’m asked to.

“I’ve seen the stats and stuff like that. But again … the plays that are called I try to go out there and execute them.”

Murray is only attempting four rushes per game, a career low. He’s also throwing on average of 47 pass attempts per game, which is never a good thing for an NFL team.

The stats on Murray running speak for themselves. When Kyler Murray rushes 10 or more times, the Cardinals are 9-1. They’re 0-10-1 when he has four or less.

Kliff Kingsbury needs to check out these stats before it’s too late.

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