New Video of Alternate Angle Shows Kyler Murray Getting Slapped In The Face By Fan

The slap heard round the world, well not exactly.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray getting slapped by a fan following Arizona’s win over the Raiders on Sunday has been under investigation by police in Las Vegas. They are still trying to identify the fan who appeared to slap Kyler Murray in the dome.  A spokesman for the LVPD told the Associated Press on Monday that a battery complaint was made following the Cardinals’ stunning 29-23 victory. According to the spokesman, the complaint was made because “a spectator at the stadium struck a professional football player.”

The initial video that circulated showed several  fans with their hands going toward Murray, but TMZ has received another angle that likely shows who the culprit may be.

“You can see in the clip, Murray was trying to celebrate the win with someone who appeared to be his friend and others — before a man in a grey T-shirt reached over fans and bopped Murray’s head.

It’s unclear from the video if the act was intentional or not. Seems the man could have just been attempting to slap Murray’s shoulder pad in celebration — but missed badly.”

While it’s possible that the fan was just trying to slap Murray on his shoulder pads and missed, the slowed-down version of the video shows that Murray definitely believes that the slap came with ill-intent.

I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to rat out the slapper.

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