Dan Orlovsky Responds to Allegedly Farting During ‘Monday Night Football’ Broadcast

Dan Orlovsky is not about to take credit for farting.

Dan Orlovsky has been doing great work so far this NFL season in the broadcast booth, he had a solid first broadcast alongside Steve Levy and Louis Riddick for the Buffalo Bills-Tennessee Titans game on “Monday Night Football,” but many fans believed they heard Orlovsky fart during the live broadcast. While doing his thing during the pregame show, Orlovsky sounded as if sneezed and farted at the very same time, something that is pretty tough to pull off, especially while on live TV.

At first Orlovsky had a little fun with the fart controversy.

He then cleared it up and stated he did not fart. He simply said “no fart” to a fan asking him for the truth.

The Buffalo Bills absolutely crushed the Tennessee Titans as wide receiver Stefon Diggs had three touchdowns from quarterback Josh Allen, who threw for 317 yards passing. The final score was 41-7 for the Bills’ second win on the year.

But in a pretty boring game, the fart is all I can remember, or at least it sounded like a fart.

In 18 career NFL regular season games with the Lions, Colts, and Houston Texans, Dan Orlovsky has a jaw dropping 1-18 record. When given the chance to play, he wasn’t all that bad, but he’s definitely a better broadcaster than he was a starting QB.

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