Dallas Cowboys’ Trevon Diggs is Being Called Out by His Baby Momma

Trevon Diggs is doing his best to cover his baby momma.

The NFL’s interception leader, cornerback Trevon Diggs of the Dallas Cowboys, capped off the best season of his career. Diggs won the “Most Improved Player of the Year” 2021 award.

Away from the field things aren’t going quite as smooth for the Cowboys star cornerback. Diggs recently got called out by his baby mama Yasmine Lopez.

See the call out from his baby Momma below:

“Trevon is a deadbeat I said what I said. He has done literally nothing for Chosen. No pampers. No wipes. No formula. Has only seen Chosen 30 minutes in 6 months. He’s absolutely disgusting.  Everything Chosen has is because of me.”

She continued: I’m tired of people thinking I  have what I have because of my Babydaddy:  He does nothing over here.  Yet he’s in the strip club every night  throwing money.

Yasmine has since deleted the callout of Diggs.

Trevon Diggs will be busy this coming weekend in  Vegas as he’s set to play in first Pro-Bowl.

Hopefully for Yasmine’s sake he stays away from the Strip Clubs.

Check out more of Diggs’ baby mama below:

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