Greg Hardy Thinks He’s A Great American: ‘Never Been Convicted Of Anything’

Former NFL player turned UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy has been pretty well hated since he was sentenced to a suspended 60-day jail sentence for an alleged domestic abuse of his ex-girlfriend.

With Hardy scheduled to fight on the UFC 264 card this weekend, he spoke to reporters on Thursday ahead of the bout.


During the presser, Greg Hardy was asked how he handles the villain role. And he explained that he doesn’t consider himself a bad guy at all.

“I’m not a villain,” Greg Hardy said. “I’m well spoken, I’m pretty, I eat well. I‘m a great father and a great citizen. I’m an awesome American. I’m a Republican. I vote. What kind of villain would I be? I’ve never been convicted of anything that they said I was. I’m a regular run-of-the mill guy learning on the way up, taking responsibility for his mess-ups. If I bow down to this villainous, cowardice stigma they try to put on me, I wouldn’t be a prince. I would be a peasant.”

While pretty much any UFC-viewer is likely hoping that he loses whenever he fights, Hardy claims that he’s having the ‘time of his life’. He’s also cherishing the opportunity to fight on the same card as Conor McGregor.

“It was just two Januarys ago where I was walking into New York and people were like, ‘Are we really going to let Greg Hardy fight?’” Greg Hardy said via Las Vegas Review Journal. “I just got done playing in the Pro Bowl, and I’m about to fight on a Conor McGregor card. I’m having the time of my life.”

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