Hot College Girl In Bikini Goes Viral For Having A Solid Spiral On A Very Nice Deep Ball

You can see both of of Caitlin Waitt’s (@caitlynwaitt) throws that have gone viral here:

That is a very solid throw. I’ve been on coed flag football teams many a time over my years and, while you’ll often find girls who are decently fast or solid route runners with good hands, there have been fewer Lady Matthew Staffords around in my experience. And that’s a massive weapon to add to a backfield when people don’t know that she can drop dimes from 40 yards away.

But I have to say: is there a point where videos like this are a little bit patronizing? I’ve been around the block to blog internet content like this for over 10 years. And there have been countless girls who throw a solid football to go viral over that stretch. I’m always impressed by a tight spiral on the Internet or in real life, particularly when accompanied by a bikini.

At this point, though, you have to think there are a LOT of women who could complete this exact same throw, right? Maybe they won’t be as Instagram friendly but many women have disproved the “throw like a girl” idiom over the years. Pro athletes, amateurs, I’m sure there are tons. Even though I’m an avowed lover of air yards, I’m not sure our girl Caitlin is that much better than any of those girls who aren’t currently going viral.

So here’s what I’d propose: a lady Pun,t Pass & Kick competition. If you can beat young Andy Reid (the Giant)’s effort, then you go viral. Otherwise it’s just standardly impressive athleticism by a woman.


Also, pound for pound,  this is my favorite female football player highlight reel from a former FSU sorority girl Michelle Roque:

Now THAT is impressive. Much like in Lions lore, Lady Barry Sanders trumps Lady Matthew Stafford every time in my opinion.

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