UFC Fighter Macy Chiasson Rips Bellator’s Valerie Loureda For Showing Her Booty On TikTok

Bellator women’s flyweight Valerie Loureda posted this video on TikTok and reposted it on Twitter:

Loureda has an Instagram full of thirst trappy posts so it’s not a huge surprise for the 2-0 fighter. But UFC’s Macy Chiasson was not a fan with her response accusing Loureda of appealing to “misogynistic dudes”:

The two continued to throw tweet fisticuffs:

The Twitter fight went into the fifth round:

Late passive aggressive salvos by both brought us to the scorecards:

And the judges’ decision is in!

Macy Chiasson is a female fighter at the highest level and I have no doubt she’d bust most women and men’s asses if given the chance. She’s likely more skilled than Loureda at this point and will also likely see a fraction of the social media attention because of how this all works. Chiasson has likely seen some less talented female fighters with “a look” usurp some of her contemporaries with more talent and she doesn’t seem to want to abide it any more.

But Chiasson also seems to miss the point of how all this whole social media business works. There’s a reason Logan Paul was able to sell as many fights as Jon Jones and it’s not the artistry of his boxing skill. The name of the game these days is social media fame. Loureda may soar up cards if she becomes TikTok or Instagram “famous.” But much like some others in a similar boat, if she fails when the lights get brighter, she’ll get busted down the card. Is it fair? Probably not. But the same thing has happened with hot male fighters too. Remember Dana White’s brief love affair with Sage Northcutt before he turned on him after Northcutt left UFC?

And really, Loureda seems to have stayed true to herself and the TikTok platform. Videos like these rack up millions of views on TikTok each day and those views can equal increased following and bigger paydays. Loureda’s clearly working hard at the gym. She also seems proud of how she looks. If she wants to use those gains to get gains elsewhere, more power to her. And if that leads to a match with Macy Chiasson where Macy rips her head off, so be it.

I’d give this one to Valerie Loureda 48-47. Take that victory lap, Valerie!

I don’t know about you guys but I feel empowered.

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