Paige Spiranac Rates Each Sport Based Off How Hard They Party

Paige Spiranac gives great content.

The Instagram golfing influencer knows exactly what moves the needle, and we can’t lie, we post what she has to say because she’s very easy on the eyes, but it’s always nice when there’s some actual substance in a Paige post. This article has exactly that, as Paige broke down all the sports based off how hard they party. It all began after the US won the President’s Cup, and apparently the group is the worst bunch of partiers according to Kevin Kisner. 

“I have never seen a better display of golfers and a worse display of partiers, and I am the best partier on this board. Amen. That’s why they picked me. I got half a point, but I brought the fun.”

Paige decided to then decide who are the ultimate party guys, and she broke it down by sport.

“I’m going to disagree with Kisner here,” Spiranac began. “I’m going to give golf a 7.6. I’d like to see any athlete try to outdrink John Daly. It would not end well for them.

“And fun fact, Xander Schauffele went to the same college and he had the party house and your girl got quite girl-wasted maybe once or twice.”

“Next up we have basketball,”

Paige continued. “I’m giving them a 3.2. They’re like reformed party girls. They used to get after it, now they just like a nice glass of wine.

“And we’re on to baseball. I’m giving them an 8.2. I have never seen someone throw back beers like I have some of these baseball players. It is quite impressive. And back in college, they had the best jungle juice around. So I had to bump ’em up a couple points.”

“Next up is football,” Spiranac continued. “They’re not quite professional partiers, but they like to have fun so they get a 9.

“Hockey players are just built different,” she said in closing. “Hockey gets a 10 because these guys are absolutely insane. They will go into a game, get their two front teeth knocked out and then get completely sh-t-faced and do it all over again the next day and the next day and the next day. They’re in a league of their own.”

Now that’s how you break it down. Nice work Paige, thanks for the content.

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