Former San Francisco Tight End Brent Jones Rips Jimmy Garoppolo’s Poor Play and Smiling

Jimmy G is not feeling the love this week.

In his first start since Trey Lance got injured for the remainder of the season, Niners QB Jimmy Garoppolo went viral for stepping out of the back of his own end zone for a safety. He threw an interception and lost a fumble on a bad snap exchange. The 49ers’ offense produced just 10 points, punting the football away seven times and committing three turnovers. It was not Jimmy G’s finest moments.

This week former San Francisco tight end Brent Jones ripped Garoppolo’s poor play and composure following the tough loss.

“I am laying the blame, I don’t do this very often, in fact I don’t do it hardly at all. Jimmy Garoppolo was horrible,” Jones said to KNBR’s Tom Tolbert and Adam Copeland.  “What the heck? When you’re a professional football player and quarterback, you know where the back of the end zone is. That was so outrageous. While I was yelling, ‘What are you thinking?’ He’s throwing a pick-six so I’m rooting for safety.”

After the final whistle Garoppolo was seen smiling in an exchange with Broncos offensive lineman Cam Fleming.

See Jimmy G smile below:

Jones did not approve.

“I’ve got to say, and I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, after you played horrible and you’re the reason your team lost the game, you do not smile and go glad-handing the other team after the game,” Jones said. “I’ve never seen that from any quarterback ever, that has ever been any good.

“Steve Young? No way. Joe Montana? Hell no. Brett Favre? No chance in heck. You think Russell Wilson is laughing after he throws a pick, steps out of the end zone for a safety and fumbles a ball and plays horrible and his team’s 1-2 and the reason they lost the game? It almost looked like he didn’t even care. It was so frustrating, and maybe I was just mad because the game was so ugly.

“If that’s me, I’m running for the locker room. I am not smiling, I am not talking to anybody for a week if you play like that. I just don’t get his disposition, but that was really frustrating. Icing on the cake.”

He expects more from Garoppolo.

“I want to see Jimmy grabbing a couple receivers and talking to them, I want to see him patting his linemen on the shoulder and saying ‘I need some time,’ ” Jones said. “I always just see him sitting there posing and nobody is taking GQ pics on the sideline. I want to see some emotion, I want to see some quarterbacking, but they always just show him sitting there looking stoic, posing. I wanna see some messed up hair, how about that?

Jimmy is in a highly unusual situation, given the fact the Niners wrote him off, tried to trade him, then ultimately figured out a way to keep him for the time being.

Not saying Jimmy shouldn’t be all in, but it might take a little while for him to feel like it’s his team again.

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