Sean Payton Believes Jimmy Garoppolo Will Replace Trey Lance as 49ers Starting QB

The Jimmy G era is making a comeback?

Following a tough week 1 loss to the Chicago Bears, everyone is weighing in on the 49ers’ quarterback situation, with former NFL coach Sean Payton siding with Jimmy Garoppolo. Payton can definitely envision a scenario in which Jimmy Garoppolo gets the call over Trey Lance, and reclaims his role as the 49ers’ starting quarterback this season.

“I think there are seven or eight teams that we’re gonna see, not because of injury, we’re gonna see more than one quarterback play,” Payton said on the “The Herd” earlier this week. “I think, and I believe, don’t kid yourself, that we’re gonna see Garoppolo back in that lineup.”

Payton believes he has seen enough from Lance to warrant Garoppolo taking the reins of coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

“So here’s the pickle if you’re [49ers general manager] John [Lynch] and if you’re Kyle,” Payton said. “You drafted this kid so high. Man, it’s hard to sell to the the guy upstairs writing the check that well, our little binky, our blanket, is Garoppolo, right? But we’re going to start this guy. We’re committed to starting him, but at some point, we’re not having the rest of the roster sitting there ready to win.”

The former NFL coach also predicted that San Francisco would join the Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns as teams that will start multiple quarterbacks this season.

The NFL is a QB carousel  kind of league these days.  There are a handful of guys who can’t be replaced, and then everyone else is pretty much fair game.

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