IG Golfing Influencer Paige Spiranac Talks Tua Tagovailoa And JJ Watt Injuries

Paige Spiranac makes a lot of sense.

The IG Golfing beauty hopped on Social Media to breakdown a wild weekend of football. It all started last Thursday with the Tua news, and over the weekend JJ Watt made some news about his heart. JJ Watt announced he had his ‘heart shocked back into rhythm‘ and was ready to play again. Paige spoke on if athletes are pushing themselves too far.

“Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great day so far. I was just sitting here thinking ‘man, I really love sports.’ Mostly because I love watching athletes do superhuman things with their bodies. But how much is too much?”

“With the Tua Tagavailoa incident and JJ Watt with his heart, it really makes you think.”

“We all remember the famous line ‘there’s no crying in baseball.’ .. Athletes are conditioned to be as tough as nails. Your body hurts? Too bad, fight through it. You’re injured? Too bad, fight through it. And you are actually shamed if you do take some time off for being ‘soft’ or ‘a baby’.”

“So athletes really have to lean on the medical professionals to keep them safe. And I’m no doctor.. and you’re like ‘yeah, no s–t, Paige’ but even I know after watching my friends who are athletes go through concussion protocol that something about that (Tua) situation just didn’t seem quite right.”

Paige Spiranac finished by saying “no athlete should be risking brain damage over a game” which is obviously an understandable statement, but it’s hard for us to put  ourselves in these guys shoes. They are ultra compettive playing at the most elite levell of sports. They didn’t get there by not competing when they were hurt.

Paige is really the voice of reason, and we’re here for it.

Check out more of the golfing beauty below:

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