Video of Tua Tagovailoa Throwing as A Right Handed Quarterback Making the Rounds on Social Media

Can Tua Tagovailoa really throw the football well?

The Miami Dolphins star Quarterback set career highs with 469 passing yards and six touchdowns in the Dolphins’ 42-38 comeback win Sunday over the Baltimore Ravens, becoming the second quarterback in franchise history to record at least 400 passing yards and five touchdowns in a single game. But still even though Tua can put up serious numbers, people still aren’t convinced he’s a good throwing Quarterback. The big question is, why does his throwing motion look so bad? One fan decided to test out a little theory, and flipped the video of Tua’s highlights from this past weekend.

Let’s just say the results are incredible. Tua actually looks like he has a nice throwing motion.

Twitter went nuts over the video of Tua throwing right-handed.

Watch below:

It’s strange because in baseball and sometimes in basketball, a left hander can look as beautiful as it gets.

But for whatever reason Tua’s lefty motion just doesn’t look right.

Tua spoke about his monster performance:

“It felt good. We were executing on all cylinders,” Tagovailoa said. “And then there were times when we didn’t execute, and no one panicked. Everyone just came back into the huddle, and we regrouped, and we went back out there and tried to execute whatever play we were given.”

It wasn’t all positive for Tagovailoa, as he threw two first-half interceptions, but he did bounce back in the second half to mount a huge comeback. .

Hopefully this video of Tua throwing righty will help Tua’s case that he is actually a pretty darn good Quarterback.

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