Harmless Taunt Gets Young NBA Star Ejected From Game

Detroit Pistons rookie Cade Cunningham is finding out the NBA has rules in place for taunting.

Cunningham beat Cameron Payne off the baseline and sent home a reverse slam over the Phoenix Suns guard during the third quarter of Sunday’s Pistons-Suns game.

Cunningham quickly pointed at Payne before running back on defense.

Before the Suns could get their offense over halfcourt, a whistle blew.

See the play below:

Since it was Cade’s second technical of the game, Cunningham’s day was over via ejection. After the game, officiating crew chief Kevin Cutler confirmed that Cunningham was assessed a technical “for a physical taunt for pointing at the defender.”

Much like NFL’s taunting flags, almost everyone involved was worse off for the penalty.

Harmless taunts should be allowed, let these guys have a little fun.

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