Tua Tagovailoa Speaks About CTE After His String of Concussions

Tua is talking CTE.

Tua Tagovailoa sustained what appeared to be an extremely scary concussion a few weeks back. The Miami Dolphins star QB was knocked unconscious and it was a scary scene to say the least. Tua is now officially cleared to play. While speaking to Dolphins reporters today, Tua revealed that he will be playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend. Tua was also asked about the risk of CTE and whether or not it bothers him. As Tua explained, it is something he was told wouldn’t happen to him.

This is because he is a quarterback and doesn’t take dozens of headshots a game.

“There’s not necessarily as much long-term risk to, say — let’s say guys get about six concussions,” Tua said. “Well, those guys that only have six concussions that are playing the position that I’m playing, where we don’t hit as much are less susceptible to getting CTE later on in their years than someone who’s playing a position where they’re constantly taking hits or blows to the head, which would be O-line, D-line, linebackers. And that’s kind of some of the information that I’ve been given from a lot of these doctors that are the best of the best in their field.”

All the players who sign up to play football know there are risks. But clearly the rewards far outweigh the risks.

Hopefully all these guys can stay safe while playing a violently brutal sport.

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