Rangers’ Jacob Trouba Trashed Following Another ‘Dirty’ Hit

New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba has made a habit out of questionable hits towards opponents’ upper-body. And on Tuesday night, he was at it again.

With Hurricanes forward Max Domi coming down the boards at center ice, Trouba absolutely leveled him, leaving the veteran clearly dinged up.

You be the judge on if this hit was clean or not:

After the hit, fans were swarming social media to call out Jacob Trouba.

Sure, Max Domi seemed to have his head down at the time of contact. But Jacob Trouba sure does have a habit of injuring opponents on hard hits to the head or neck area.

The defenseman clearly comes at Domi with his arm out, a move that he’s made a bit of a trend throughout the entire year.

On the ice, the hit was ruled clean, and the Rangers were even granted a power play when Rangers players tried to retaliate against Trouba.

It’ll be interesting to see in the NHL’s player safety department takes a long look at Jacob Trouba, because clearly he has to change the way he comes after players before someone gets seriously injured out there.

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