Bettors Were Dead Wrong About Stanley Cup Finals Game 5

The Lightning did not get the memo that they were supposed to go home on Friday night.

Despite pretty much everyone thinking the Avalanche were poised to close out the Stanley Cup Finals on home ice last night, the Lightning pulled off a gutsy performance to keep the series alive for (at lease) one more game.

Following a late goal by playoff hero Ondrei Palat, the Lightning were able to secure a thrilling 3-2 victory with their backs against the wall.

While every casual fan was left stunned with the result on Friday night, it was revealed that the betting community was also fully behind the Avs in Game 5.

Following the game, The Action Network released the betting numbers showing that both the betting public and the sharps were behind the Avalanche in Game 5.

Given that the Lightning are two-time defensing Stanley Cup champions, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that they’re not going down without a fight.

But even so, the Avs have proved all year long that they’re the best team in hockey, and it seemed like the Lightning were running out of steam earlier in the week.

Now, the Lightning appear to have caught a second wind, and all of the sudden we have one hell of a series on our hands.

Game 6 should be awesome.

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