Manchester United Relegation Becoming A Hot Wager For Many Bettors

The Erik ten Hag era for Manchester United is off to an absolutely atrocious start.

After their dismal year in the Premier League last season, the Reds are trying to prove to everyone that yes, it can get even worse than the past season.

Following their opening game loss to Brighton, Man U followed up with a disgusting effort against Brentford this morning, losing the match 4-0.

After the game, the betting line for Manchester United to be relegated was trending all over the web.

According to a few different sports books, the current line for Man U to be sent down a league is sitting at +2800.

Erik ten Hag took the brunt of the criticism following the loss to Brentford.

Specifically, it was ten Hag’s defensive scheme that many felt was inadequate in terms of stopping Brentford from scoring on a set piece.

If you’d have said to me before the game Brentford would score off a set-piece I’d say, ‘yes, I absolutely think they will’,” Gary Neville said while commentating for Sky Sports. “This is no surprise whatsoever.

Former player Tim Howard also slammed Erik ten Hag when talking about how the team has started the Premier League slate.

“There’s no cohesion, no understanding, there’s no pattern of play and when the manager sits there and doesn’t do anything, make a change, chuck Varane on and go three at the back, at least show something that you’re not happy with what’s going on.”

It’s highly unlikely that a club as prominent as Manchester United gets relegated, but probably worth a shot-in-the-dark bet with such good value.

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