Tinashe Admits She’s Been Writing Songs About Ben Simmons Since They Broke Up

As big fans of Ben Simmons, we’re always on the lookout for who his next victim is. But sometimes we must go back to the past, and Ben’s past features singer Tinashe. Tinashe and Ben dated for two months back in 2018, shortly before Ben was seen out with Kendall Jenner. Tinashe wasn’t too thrilled about Kendall and Ben getting back together, ’she told Us Weekly that the drama left her “really depressed.”

She also said that finding out that Ben and Kendall were dating:

“may have been the worst day of my life” and “I drank for, like, six months after that….I was, like, wasted for months. But I’m okay now.” She added, “It was terrible. It was bad. Like, it was bad, but I’m good now.”

A fan tweeted to Tinashe this week about Ben Simmons and look at her response below:

She just admitted she’s still writing songs about Ben. But hey, she’s also written some songs about girls too.


That’s loyalty to a fault.

Ben’s a real heartbreaker. He really did a number on her..

Check out more of his ex Tinashe below:

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