Stephen A. Smith Once Again Confirms Ben Simmons’ Playing Status For This Coming Season

Will Ben Simmons actually play basketball this season?

Ben Simmons has not played a single NBA game in a very long time. The last time Ben stepped on an NBA court to actually play basketball was the second round of the 2021 playoffs. This was a rough time for Ben Simmons who was absolutely awful against the Atlanta Hawks.  Simmons has a chance to redeem himself with the Brooklyn Nets, although there have been concerns that he won’t be ready.

The Brooklyn Nets have not had a chance for its Big 3 of Kyrie, KD and Simmons to play together yet. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving drama running rampant, it would mean a lot to the team if Ben Simmons could make his Nets debut at the start of the regular season. According to Stephen A. Smith, Simmons told him that he is good to go.

Smith reiterated this fact, which he already done before, on “The Rich Eisen Show” today, as he gave a definitive update on the status of the Nets big man.

“I spoke to him privately,” Smith said. “He convinced me that his problems were very, very real. … But he’s convinced me that he’s ready to go this season.”

With Ben Simmons, you really are going to have to see him play before you take his word, or in this case Stephen A.’s word.

Hopefully Ben Simmons can shake this narrative by actually playing what  he’s paid to do.

It’s time to play basketball Ben, no more excuses.

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