Stephen A. Smith Broke Some Major Ben Simmons News

Remember where you were the last time Ben Simmons played basketball?

No I don’t either but what I do know is it’s been quite a while. The Brooklyn Nets traded for Ben Simmons last season, but he never once saw the court. The last time Simmons played an NBA game was in the 76ers’ Eastern Conference semifinal Game 7 defeat to the Atlanta Hawks last season when he infamously passed up an open dunk and was openly criticized by Joel Embiid.

Simmons underwent surgery after the season to repair the back issue and the expectation is that he will finally play for Brooklyn in the 2022-23 season.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith hopped on First Take and he revealed he had a conversation with Simmons that he will play in the upcoming season:

“Ben Simmons, who by the way, newsflash here, I ran into Ben Simmons. He and I had a nice conversation. You understand? His personal business is his personal business. I support the brother. I had a problem with him not playing. That’s the past. He’s ready to go. He swears he’s ready to go. I’m rooting for the brother.”

When 100% physically and mentally, Simmons is an extremely talented player. But the main question is does he have the heart to be a Champion, or to endure the criticism he often receives over his jump shot? The NBA has become a three point league, and we know Simmons is not a 3 point shooter.

If he could just stay out of  his own head he’ll definitely get back to being an All-Star.  He’s too good not to be playing basketball.

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