The Man Who Coaches Athletes Away From Sports

Tanner Chidester is know to some as a former football player and high profile fitness model, but to most now he is known as the founder of Elite CEOS (, a company that has grossed over 21 million in revenue in just 3 years, and has helped professional athletes on and off the court, field, etc. to succeed in their various business endeavors.
But even though his strategies may be cutting edge, Tanner even says that it doesn’t matter how great you are in sports, if you don’t have the will to succeed and continue to work hard, you won’t see results away from the game.
We spoke to Tanner about what it is like being a different type of coach to some of the game’s biggest names.
1. Tell us about how Elite CEOS and how it initially came to be?
Originally I started off only helping individuals lose weight and build muscle, that was my first true passion. However I did so well financially that I started having trainers come to me to ask for help. I already had my systems and automations set up so it just made sense to do it. Shortly after that I got even bigger and now people who wanted to start any type of online business were starting to hit me up. I went all in on the business consulting and named it elite ceos.
2. Your platform has been sought out by some big athletes and sports figures who are also entrepreneurs, investors and business partners… how does it feel to know big stars trust what you are doing with their brands?
I never made it to the NFL (even though I tried) but I’ve played with numerous first and second round draft picks. I guess while I feel honored that anyone would consider me to help them, I’ve never been one to get crazy about someone’s accomplishments and status. We’re all just people trying to do our best and I never let the hype of who has or hasn’t hired me affect my mood.
3. How does it feel COACHING a professional athlete (turned business owner / investor) in another type of space outside of what may be his/her comfort zone?
The best part about it is that they know how to work hard. I can give someone the best strategy in the world but WITHOUT hard work it won’t matter. I guess the worst thing is that they are so used to succeeding that it can make it difficult for them to struggle for once. I felt that way to when I started my new business and it really affected me.
4. As a football fan… who is your team and what do you predict for them heading forward?
I was raised in Texas so I love my Houston Rockets and Texans, even though they aren’t always the best. I don’t expect much more than the western conference semis for the Rockets and a playoff berth for the Texans. [Living now in Florida] I’m not a huge fan of Miami football but I do enjoy the heat and love going to their games. I’m hoping they can at least repeat a eastern conference semi-final this year.
5. How are sports and business the same?
Some of the best businessmen I know have a sports background. Sports really teach you discipline, work ethic, and not to give up when things get tough. Too many people quit when things get hard because they have never faced any real adversity their entire lives. I know for me when I was playing football things didn’t always go my way and I had no other choice but to battle back. I think business is the same way.
6. What sports-related type of companies do you see and forecast succeeding as we head into 2021?
This isn’t much of a prediction but I feel Nike will continue to lead the way. I feel their marketing is so fresh and innovative and really just grabs peoples attention. I love their videos and they get me super motivated.

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