Tyron Woodley Claps Back At Le’Veon Bell Following His Jake Paul Call-Out

After Jake Paul knocked tyron Woodley unconscious on Saturday night, an unexpected athlete called out the Youtuber on Twitter: free agent running back Le’veon Bell.

Like many, Bell believes that Paul has been aided by his competition. And he thinks he’s the guy who could take him out if they were to step into the ring.

Tyron Woodley was quick to clap back at Le’Veon Bell slamming his boxing skills.

Amid all the drama, Jake Paul has an even better idea: how about Le’Veon Bell and Tyron Woodley step into the ring to fight each other?

I probably agree that it’s time for Jake Paul to fight real boxers. But Le’Veon Bell ain’t it.

I’m with Paul, Tyron Woodley would probably knocked Bell out early in a fight.

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