Tom Brady Appeared To Tell Dennis Allen ‘Go F-k Yourself’ Following Interception

Tom Brady was more pissed off than we’ve seen in a very long time on Sunday night.

He was seen yelling at teammates and showing visual frustration all throughout the game against the Saints. And as the lackluster performance was winding down, Brady went viral for chucking a tablet on the Bucs sidelines.

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After Tom Brady threw an interception later in the game, he was hearing it from the Saints sidelines. And the lip-readers out there are convinced that Brady ran over to acting coach Dennis Allen to tell him to ‘go f-k himself’.

Tom Brady aired his frustrations with the lack of execution all night long during his post game presser.

Sporting a plain white t-shirt (which we never see from the GOAT), Brady was clearly dejected when giving the reporters his answers.

Luckily for Tom Brady and the Bucs, they still sit atop the NFC South at 10-4 and remain a prime candidate to win the Super Bowl.

Dennis Allen may have exposed Brady and the Bucs. But I’d be surprised if they don’t come back with a vengeance after being embarrassed on their home turf like that.

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